Not possible to search Web for commented-out code

I just ran into a problem that really surprised me: apparently there’s no way to search the Web for commented out code on pages.

In a Web page, you can surround a bit of text with the special tags <!– and –> and any words in-between will be hidden from view. <!– That is to say, this sentence wouldn’t show up unless you viewed the HTML source of the page –>

I had never needed to search the Web for commented-out text before, but today it would be super-useful for me to be able to search for a special commented out string on a bunch of my clients’ sites. Much to my surprise, there’s apparently no way to do this! I tried the usual suspects (Google, Yahoo!, et al) and even Google Code Search  . No dice.

If anyone knows a trick, please leave a comment below.


Welcome to Media Something

I’m jumping back into the game of Big Web Media after being away for a few years. It feels good to be back.

As I get caught up, I’m going to use this blog to write down what I see.

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