Bill Gates, You Make Me Cry

I’m not one of those religious-war Macintosh fanatics, or an inveterate Bill Gates hater. However, Vista is making me think about converting to both.

Microsoft Vista and Office 2007 is the most kludgey and difficult-to-use computer system I have used in many, many years. It boasts such features as:

  • Office revamped their entire menu system. Remember how you had to search through menus to do easy things in, say, Word about 20 times and then you committed them to memory and no longer were hassled? Well, the hassle returns! Now you have to search through NEW illogical menus.
  • There’s big bugs in this thing! For example, Outlook is automatically scheduling all my meetings to repeat every week, so my calendar is filled with bogus meetings. Easy enough you say — go to the preferences and see if you can find something that’ll change that. Not so easy! Nothing about that in Tools > Account Settings or Tools > Options
  • (Remember, this is a spanky clean install of Vista…) When I try to add a printer, Windows Explorer crashes and dumps me out of the control panel.

I could go on and on, but I have to get back to manually setting every meeting on my calendar to repeat only once (when I select a meeting and tell it not to repeat, nothing changes). Ug.

Bill Gates, I thought Google Apps was going to finally make Microsoft have to pay attention to the user experience. I guess you’ll have to feel some more market pain before that happens.


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